Friday, November 4, 2011

The Haircut...

Ok, picture this:  As I am writing this, I am on my third Heineken tall can... I have my headphones on, listening to some 2NE1 while Jen is taking her usual "after school nap".  I am rocking out in silence and feeling absolutely wonderful!!!  It's Friday night... tomorrow we are heading to Seoraksan to hike a mountain (we'll blog about it eventually)... but tonight I am enjoying life!  I am loving this Korean experience and I highly recommend it to anyone with the slightest inclination for adventure.

Anyway, back to the topic!  The day following our Everland adventure, we decided to relax and take it easy.  We went shopping at E-mart for some necessities.  On the way back home, I decided it was time for another haircut so I stopped at the super trendy E-mart salon to book an appointment.  Fortunately for me, they could take me in a few hours.  To avoid a repeat of the last haircut I got (which had turned out OK considering the language barrier), I did some research on Facebook to find exactly what I wanted, and brought a picture of myself on our wedding day.

When I went back a couple of hours later, I got the royalty treatment.  While waiting for my hairdresser, I was offered coffee, tea and lemonade.  I opted for the latter.  Then, this really cute Korean girl told me to follow her into a dark room.  YEAH... You know what I was thinking!  She was totally going to wash my hair!  And she did!!  (What were you thinking?  I'm at a hair salon you dirty minded person)  Then, she gestured for me to have a seat at one of the chairs, which obviously, I did.  She brought me a huge book with western hairstyles a la Clooney (Yes, there were a bunch of pictures of George Clooney to choose from).  I opted to show her my smartphone and the picture I had chosen.  No problem!  When my hairdresser finally appeared, I showed her the picture as well and she started working her magic.  Only it wasn't magic, it was a hair massacre.  I felt as though I was Louis Riel at the Northwest Rebellion... My hair never had a chance... And I ended up with this
Hmm... that's not what I asked for

But of course, I am way too nice to say anything.  Instead, I thanked the whole staff, paid my bill (23,000KRW, yes almost double my last haircut) and went home.  At first, when Jen saw me, she said they had done a good job.  Then, upon closer inspection, she said WTF???  It simply had to go.  So I took out my faithful clipper I had brought from home and plugged it in to charge.  Later that evening, I started "fixing" my hot mess of a hairdo only to have my clipper crap out on me with half my hair shaved off...  Are you kidding me?  I am teaching tomorrow.  I cleaned it, plugged it back in with no success.  I decided to let it charge overnight so I could finish the job in the morning.  But even then, after one pass, it stopped working.  I was royally f*****.  Thank god for my amazing wife who dared to grab the kitchen scissors and try to even everything out.  It would have to do.  At least it looked much better than having half my head shaved off.  In fact, I am still sporting that same haircut to this day... the only difference is that I decided to invest in a brand new clipper for next time so I don't have to go through the same ordeal!

And that was my haircut story!!

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