Follow as we discover the Korean sensation of K-pop!  This page will feature some of our favourite songs as well as some silly and corny k-pop.  Cheers!

June 28 - Oops, I've seriously neglected this page over the last few months.  In my defense though, I haven't been listening to much K-pop recently.  But as the term is drawing to its end, I am finding myself drawn back into the world of catchy K-pop music.  Truthfully, it's cause I am preparing another K-pop slam for my students and I had to start listening to what was in right now.  I was surprised by a few songs, so I decided to share them here.  Enjoy!

I'll start with this song which I actually listened to a while back but never put on here for whatever reason.  This is one of my favourite girl groups.  They call themselves Wondergirls and you'll soon realize why I like them.  This song is called Be my Baby

Next, in keeping with the Wondergirls theme, here is their new no. 1 single called Like this.

Let's follow that up with Jen's flavor of the month.  First up, Big Bang - Monster.  I am not personally a fan of this song... but you can't deny that it's playing everywhere in Korea right now.

This song has also caught her attention.  It's from a Girls Generation sub-group called Taetiseo (first letters of the name of the three girls).  Gotta admit I kinda like this one ;)

Next up, "Sorry, but I" by C-REAL.  I don't even know why I like this song.. but I just do... There is something that attracts me to it... weird

And for some comic effect, check out this song by G.NA called 2hot.  I especially like the firemen scene where big hulking half-dressed men come and rescue her from the fire that she obviously created by being 2hot.  hahaha

I will follow that up with the Korean version of LMFAO (or so I hear, since I don't really see the resemblance).  But I gotta admit that the video for this song is hilarious.. but the song is actually catchy with a little of K-rock.  Here is JJ project - Bounce

And let's finish this edition of K-pop with a cutesy girl group called Hellovenus and their song Venus.  I am not a big fan of the song.. but I don't mind the video.

And that's it for now... Tune it soon-ish for another update!

Feb 3 - Wow, time flies by.  Here is this month's flavour of K-pop.  All the songs I will post today are on my playlist and were an integral part of my recent trip to Southeast Asia.  Enjoy!

Let's start with my favourite song right now.  It's called I remember by Bang Yong Guk.  This guys has an insane voice.

Next up, another Korean Hip Hop sensation in Tablo and his song Tomorrow.  Easy listening tune but very catchy.

I'll follow that up with a catchy tune that I can't get enough of.  It's called Beautiful Target by B1A4.  "You Joom Joom my heart like a locket"  NICE

My update just wouldn't be appropriate without a sexy Korean act.  I've already introduced Hyun A but this song is very catchy.  I especially like the dubstep three quarters of the way in.  And of course, the song is much better accompanied by the video.

To get in the party mood, I just have to Be Quiet and listen to Kim Wan Seon.  Enjoy the English subs with this one.

And finally, a song that can currently be heard playing everywhere.  The song-du-jour if you will: Troublemaker by Troublemaker.  Enjoy!

Dec 22 - I have a lot of time to kill today as I only had to teach one class and I am desk warming for the rest of the day.  After booking some of our accommodations for our upcoming trip to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, I decided to update this section.  I noticed it had been almost a month since my last update so we're overdue.  Here are a few K-pop songs that I have been enjoying lately.  I discovered them from a K-pop slam game that I am doing with my classes which has been a HUGE success.  Enjoy!

This first song is called ONE by EPIK HIGH.  Like many other K-pop songs, it has that catchy chorus but after watching the video, I feel as though this song has a much darker tone.  Suicide happens to be a leading cause of death among teens and young adults in Korea.  In fact, Korea has the highest suicide rate in the world.  So here it is:

Let's follow that up with something a little more upbeat and sexy.  Introducing Hyun A (from 4-minute) featuring Joon Hyung (from Beast) with her single Change, which is pretty popular among my students.

Another catchy tune to go along with a sexy video is So Cool by Sistar.  In the video, they are begging you to look at their "hand" during the chorus.  This song even has the Korean version of Pitbull doing a cameo... Love it!!

Next up, Girls Generation with their song Mr. Taxi.  How can you not love a girl group with 9 members... Yes, 9!  Again, this song has the catchy K-pop trademark sound.  Enjoy!

From one Mr. to another.  Here is my favourite girl group (in terms of sexiness) Kara and their song Mr (mista).  Since they are a HUGE deal in Japan, they actually sing released an album in Japanese.  But judge for yourself!

I will follow that with a very recent song called Sixth Sense from Brown Eyed Girls.  Over the last couple of months, we could hear this song everywhere!  It's pretty catchy but the girls are no Kara.

And finally, to provide some gender balance, here is High High by G Dragon (GD) and Top.  It has a decent sound and a pretty good party vibe even though I am pretty sure they are talking about cocaine...

Nov 29 - Everywhere we go, we keep hearing this song by T-ara.  It's called 'Roly Poly' and the kids all know the dance moves.  I have to admit it's pretty catchy!  Enjoy!

2NE1 is all the craze right in Korea.  Although not as popular as some other Kpop groups, their songs are definitely having an impact on Korean radio.  We particularly "like" this one...  LOL  Listen to the lyrics carefully to hear the very positive message they are conveying.  In all fairness, we don't really know what the song is about since we can't understand most of it... but the chorus sure gave us quite the chuckle!!!