Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Party Rock in Korea... for real this time!

Party Rock!!!
On Saturday, April 7th, LMFAO came to Korea... well half of them did at least: Redfoo was here and rocked the house at Seoul Olympic Park (While Skyblue was nursing a "back" injury due to party rocking too much - cue rolling eyes).  Of course, Jen and I were there to partake in the festivities.

We left our apartment in the late afternoon and met up with Alice, who we hadn't seen since the New Year's bash in Busan, en route to Seoul.  Once in the city, we grabbed some McDonald's before heading over to Jenna's, where her, Lindsay and Niko were enjoying sangria in preparation for a night of party rocking!  About half an hour before the concert was set to start, we hopped in a cab on our way to the venue.  When we got off, I couldn't resist buying some colourful and flashy gizmos that the street vendors were offering.    After all, a flickering bow would look very pretty on my head wouldn't it?

Our vintage point
Checking our jackets and grabbing our tickets before entering the hall was fairly easy, but to our surprise, there was no alcohol on sale in the building... A LMFAO concert with no beer is like a kiddy party with no candy, so Jenna, Lindsay and I sprinted to the nearest convenience store where we purchased the largest bottles of beer available (they come in 1.6L) and snuck them into the venue!  Unfortunately, Lindsay got a little too excited and took hers out too early and got caught.  But in true Canadian fashion, she proceeded to drink the lot of it instead of having it confiscated!  Jenna and I were luckier and were able to sneak them the hall and enjoy a drink here and there during the show!  And that's about the time when they/he came on...

Redfoo Party rockin'
Redfoo got on the stage, roused us all up with a beautiful party rock melody and started the party by throwing an inflatable zebra into the crowd.  After the first song, he introduced himself and told us that Skyblue would not be performing (which we thought was a joke, until he never showed up... yet somehow I kept hoping he would and blow our minds away!)  Whilst disappointed, the show was still amazing!  They played all of their hits for a nonstop dancing crowd, topping it off with two encores (pronounced N-core in Korea).  Although Jen thought it was too crowded and didn't really have a good time, I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  I did feel a little robbed from not being able to see the WHOLE party rock crew, but Redfoo more than made up for it by putting on a great show!

After the concert, we did what any other "oldish" couple would do and went home!  One of us being satisfied and the other hoping Lady Gaga would be much better!  So stay tuned for that blog coming up shortly!



  1. I would like to go this but saved money for World DJ Festival on this weekend
    im so pumped woooo

  2. Yeah, I'm so sad I'll be missing World DJ Fest.... But on the bright side we'll be in Jeju for the long weekend! So tell us how it went! Cheers, J

  3. Yeah Sure! I'll do i will dance like crazy! haha have fun in jeju though! im sure you guys already know this but check it out http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp?areaCode=39

    go to loveland though! have fun! cheers!

  4. How was jeju trip friends?, any got damaged from strong wind?

    1. Hi Soohyun,

      Jeju was incredible! The weather was perfect while we were there, not too hot, not too cold! We had a blast visiting Loveland and a bunch of other places! We have a few things to blog about before we get there, but stay tuned as we should have it up soon enough!

      How was World DJ Fest? Hope you were able to dance to your satisfaction!