Friday, June 22, 2012

Going down the world's best waterslide: Caribbean Bay

On May 19, we headed over to Caribbean Bay to celebrate our friend Briana's birthday. Jen had been wanting to go since last fall so we jumped on the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone! This day would also prove to be perfect since the park hadn't been yet open for a month and the weather was still somewhat too "cold" for most Koreans to get wet. But, we had ourselves a beautiful warm and sunny day to enjoy the festivities of Bri's birthday and the water park!
We got there shortly after opening and immediately got changed into our bathing suits. I literally felt like child waking up on Christmas morning, filled with anticipation for the adventure that awaited us. After a quick dip in the "lazy river", where we adopted a young Korean boy (he hung out with us for the rest of the day and we had a blast with the little guy), we opted to start checking out the water slides. I could feel the level of excitement rising in my loins! I had no idea what to expect in terms of "fun" but what I got sure exceeded any expectations I could have had. Some of the attractions were still closed since it was the start of the season, but luckily for us, the Aqualoop was running! That's where we decided to start out!
In front of the Aqualoop
The Aqualoop features an 18m drop combined with a 360 degrees loop that basically defies gravity. But the best part of this slide is definitely the starting point. When it's finally your turn, you are locked standing up into a sort of pod. A countdown ensues, 3-2-1, and then the floor literally gives way to have you free falling in the water tube. The thrill and experience of this slide are like nothing I've ever experienced before. When I got to the end, my mind was blown and I felt like "what just happened to me??? Let's do that again!" Luckily, because of the time of year, the lineups were very short so we were able to enjoy the Aqualoop a couple of times throughout the day! It was awesome!
The Tube ride
We also enjoyed the Tube Ride, which allowed Jen and I to choose our course down while on the same tube. It was mildly fun, but still managed to get Jen screaming at a few drops. (Note that Jen is not a fan of thrill rides so it doesn't take much to get her going.) After the tube ride, we jumped in to the warm pool where we took numerous pictures with Bri's underwater disposable camera, which she bought earlier at the park. At this point, it was also time for lunch so we convened for a quick burger and fries before getting back in line for the Tower Boomerang Go. This was the longest lineup we faced all day, and we still only waited for about 35-40 minutes. The ride itself was really good, with a decent drop before "boomeranging" up the other side and dropping again. Jen had also decided to sit this one out and rather, opted to take in the sun while napping on a beach chair!
Lunch with friends
Silly underwater picture with hat and sunglasses
We followed this up by doing the Aqualoop once more before finishing the day at the Tower Raft slide which was a nice leisurely tube ride with some fun corners. Before leaving the park however, we went to the indoor area where we enjoyed a snack and tranquil rejuvenation in the Relax room, where there were full body massage machines that were truly futuristic-looking! Once refreshed and rejuvenated, we changed back into our street clothes, grabbed a cab back to Jukjeon and got ready to keep the festivities going with a night out on the town. Mexican for dinner, a few drinks and cocktails at Traveler's, and some dancing at LA Club (now called 섹시 (sexy) club). Overall, it was a great, fun-filled day and we really enjoyed it!


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